Emmanuel Adebayor and Many Others Who Crossed the North London Derby Divide


A total of 15 players have represented both arch-rivals for several years. The Northern London derby is one of the most popular football derbies in English football and the list of players who dared to cross the rivalry is particularly small. Two names that people might remember well are Emmanuel Adebayor and Sol Campell with the move of the latter particularly making the headline as it happened.

Previously, the center-back had assured Tottenham Hotspurs fans that he is going to stay put while insisting he is never going to play for the Gunners but then committed the ultimate sin and become a part of the arch-rival of his boyhood on a free transfer. In the meantime, Adebayor seemed to make a little bit o a sport out of winding up fans of Arsenal at every chance he got after he left the club. A real rebel!

But there are a few other players who dared to represent two rivals.

William Gallas

Ever since he came over to Arsenal from Chelsea, fans had been divided in their opinions about him. While the French defender had been the captain for the Gunners, he had been stripped of that honor for the unpopular interview he had given to the media in 2008 where he had revealed the inter talks in the Arsenal team. However, afterward, he was unable to negotiate successfully a new contract with a high wage and joined Tottenham as their free agent.

Jimmy Robertson

Robertson had been signed by Tottenham from St. Miren in 1964 and his next 4 years at Spurs saw him attain a top place at White Hart Lane. He had 181 appearances for Tottenham Hotspurs and scored 31 goals in all their competitions. Then he joined Arsenal in 1968 in a swap deal with David Jenkins.

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