Emmanuel Adebayor Retires in Early 2023

Emmanuel Adebayor had probably decided that this was his year of retirement. Whether he had disclosed this earlier to his colleagues and club is not known. However, publicly he revealed his decision in March this year. It comes in the wake of a playing career that spanned 22 years. He retires from active playing at the age of 39.


He is a former player of Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Man City clubs. At these clubs, he played as a striker. At the time he announced his retirement he had been playing for AC Semmasi, a Togolese club. He joined them way back in 2021 summer.

He made the announcement of his retirement on Instagram. He also revealed that he was excited about embarking on the next life stage after retirement. He stated that his career had been enriching, as a professional athlete. The journey had been incredible, especially with the support of his fans. He also felt grateful for all that he had gotten and achieved in his life.

If we look back at his career, it started at AC Merlan Lome, a native Togo club. After that, he moved on to play for Europe in the late nineties. It was when he was 15. At this time he was taken on by a French club, FC Metz, a youth club. His next move was to the club AS Monaco. After that, he moved to the first of four Premier Leagues. Eventually, he started to play for Arsenal in 2006. Since then he has played for several clubs such as Tottenham, Crystal Palace, Real Madrid, and Manchester City.

His professional achievements include over 200 goals that he has scored in a total of 593 appearances. Among them, he has made over 97 appearances in Premier League matches. Also, the striker helped Real Madrid lift Copa Del Rey lift trophy in the year 2011.

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