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  • by dcvbhtrdf

    BBC Sport
    “48:34 Goal scored Goal – Juan Mata – Tottenham 0 – 2 Chelsea
    Juan Mata finds the back of the net with a goal from inside the penalty box to the bottom left corner of the goal. Tottenham 0-2 Chelsea. “who wrote that? Martin Aktinson. Absolute scumbag EVERY chelsea match he refs he fucks up, gives loads of poor decisions in chelsea favor. u say b4 each & every game he’s going to do it again & he does & he’s still not been sacked?? doesn’t matter who the opposition is HE LOVES CHELSEA

  • by poppolat

    @slyarsenal why are you watching this? Is it because arsenal are out of the cup and wont win anything for SEVEN years. That shows some real fucking class from Wenger. Besides the only reason that you are third is because RVP has saved you in every match at the start of the season and that you were lucky to hit form when tottenham had their bad run. It will be funny to see next year when RVP goes to city or real madrid and you are left high and dry with all that money and no will to spend it. Al

  • by TheJolakia

    Chelsea have become the most hated club in England since the Russian took over. Vile players like Terry and fatboy thinking they the dogs knackered when realty all they are is mediocre dog white, nope you just can’t buy history only petulant shit

  • by slyarsenal

    Tott and Chelsea. 2 clubs that have spent money this year but can’t succeed on the pitch. Arsenal sold Fabregas and Nasri and we’re still in 3rd. That just shows you Wenger’s class and that in football you can’t buy trophies, you must earn them! Man City is now coming 2nd and how much is their team worth???? Go figure!

  • by slyarsenal

    Yeah the best team ever to be below Arsenal since 1994 LOL. Why do people stupify themselves publicly?

  • by OriginalYTName


    The standard of trolling on the internet is at an all time low.

    I remember when trolls used to be good and somewhat entertaining, these days the likes of you are just way too obvious and uncreative.

  • by alirezaisthebest

    0:25 the person sitting on the 3rd row with his hand on his chin looks like Andres villas boas looking at modric

  • by chelseabluesPy

    че за прогА??
    че за эфект на фоне ?контрасность или как ))?

  • by alirezaisthebest

    what a great video,i have to say what a match it was CHELSEA ALL THE WAY

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