Togo association Stood Firmly with Claude LeRoy

Some big accusations have been brought against Togo boss Claude LeRoy, but, his employer Togo association is not leaving him alone in the crisis and has stood firmly by him.

LeRoy has been accused of mishandling a couple of transfer deals which he oversaw as the head of the transfer operations at a second tier club in France named Strasbourg.

The matter is in court and amidst the arguments and cross arguments, the 68-year old is on the back-foot.

His lawyer tried his hardest to convince the jury in the last hearing that the mishandling in the deals occurred because his client did not have the proper idea of legal system and he did not realize that he was not taking care of the legality of the deals.

But, it did not seem to be a strong enough argument for the jury to tilt in the favour of LeRoy.

The prosecution, on the other hand, insisted that everything was deliberate as LeRoy ensured the third parties involved in the deals got the maximum benefits.

Apart from LeRoy, another man who is under the microscope is Patrick Proisy who was the chairman of Strasbourg at the time the transfers in question took place.

Holding him guilty as well, the prosecution said he also was on board with LeRoy regarding all the mishandlings and so, he shouldn’t be spared either.
If the jury agrees with prosecution, LeRoy as well as Proisy might be handed a punishment of 24 months of imprisonment.

LeRoy, meanwhile, has given himself a clean cheat saying that the truth will come out and he will definitely be cleared of all charges when the court makes a decision in mid-September.

It’s been only twelve weeks for LeRoy so far in the Togo job.

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