The 2016 Euro’s is crucial for England’s Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson has a managerial contract with the English national football team which runs out 2016 after the upcoming Euro’s and this approaching tournament will be hugely influential in the future of Hodgson as it will be a deciding factor in whether or not to extend the contract of Hodgson and to allow him to continue being in charge of the English national side.

The English team doesn’t necessarily have to come out on top with the victory but they do have to make some impressive performances in order to impress the head chiefs of the Football Association and these are the figures that will ultimately decide to give Hodgson an extended contract.

The 67 year old English manager seems to have no problem in discussing his future with the national side after the 2016 Euro’s come to an end as Hodgson said: “All that I have said is that we will discuss my future at a later date. We didn’t specify that that would be after the Euros but if that’s what the FA want to do, then I’m perfectly happy with that. I’m very pleased to be looking forward to the next year and hopefully a good European Championship in France.”

England will be facing off with: Slovakia, Scotland, Slovenia, Lithuania and Malta in Group F for the 2018 World Cup qualifiers. The first match of these qualifiers is scheduled to take place on September of 2016.

So far, things have been going incredibly well for the English national side in the 2016 Euro’s as they are located at the top of their group with 18 points collected which is the maximum amount taking into consideration that 6 matches have been played at this point in time.

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