25 thoughts on “Adebayor,give him a ball and he’ll score

  • by Jsilence11

    Adebayor, Adebayor
    His Dad scrubs Elephants
    His Mum’s a Whore

  • by AKgooner92

    Adebayor is a lying, money whore, with no respect to his former club Arsenal

  • by arsenal1886forlife

    he’s five foot four, he’s five foot four, we got arshavin, fuck adebayor or adebayor,adebayor,your dad ur dad watches elephants ur mum is a whore

  • by gaelforce22

    he’s five foot four, he’s five foot four, we got arshavin, fuck adebawhore

  • by Andrew Macdonald

    According to one of my mates who’s an Arsenal fan who went to meet the squad at the airport after a CL game, Adebayor walked past when an angry Arsenal fan shouted something like ‘you get paid £80k a week and you play that shit’ and then he replied, ‘actually, it’s more like £120k’ (or it might have been less) it was a funny story anyway.

  • by kingofarsenal11

    Definintely…? How could you think otherwise, I loved Ade before this season, he was the only person in the team who was a constant scoring threat. Robin’s game isn’t focused on scoring week in week out.

  • by kingofarsenal11

    Pretty easy to like a 25+ goal a season striker, really easy to hate an 80k salary striker getting about 10 goals a season.

  • by zzzjamiezzz

    Adebayor, adebayorrr, give him 10 chances, he’ll need 10 more!

    Fucking useless money grabbing cunt!
    In arsene we trust!

  • by ojJackk

    I’ve never heard a whole crowd chant in a cockney accent outside a man united game!

  • by norrish69

    Adebayoorrrrrrrr, adebayorrrrrrrrrr ur dad watches elephants ur mum is a whore!!


  • by Joe Fisher

    i love the way opposing fans chant the other version yet when he scores against them they shut up

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