25 thoughts on “Adebayor – Welcome back to Spurs

  • by 1Lane4ever

    Man I hate when spurs players play badly I just wish they can play to their best this happens with adebayor walker defoe and lennon

  • by Monkeyfishism

    He’s not from Kenya. It’s pretty hard to regain the confidence when the fans aren’t behind you and you haven’t had a proper run of games due to stupid decisions (which I’m sure he regrets – he’s only human) and injuries. Be compassionate for fucks sake, he’ll probably be sold at the end of the season but he adds a different dimension to our team that no one else brings. Just because he’s not statistically benefitting us, doesn’t me he isn’t effective on the pitch in some ways.

  • by Jimmyretired

    We don’t want him he is a sellout he needs to return to Kenya where he came from

  • by Danny HeIsAYidShevlin

    Ade should sit down and watch this video.We need something to motivate him back into the amazing player we had frightening defenders last season.I just hope there is a legit reason and it’s not the predicted lazy permanent contract syndrome that those gobshites up the road have been banging on about.It’s not like we can lose with him at the price we paid,we’ll always get that back but regardless of that I’d fucking hate them to be right! Hopefully he’ll come back from AFCON a different man.

  • by Connor Smart

    Holtby will only makes us stronger, buy we desperately need another creative midfielder and striker for january

  • by Northlondonn cypp

    OK so i came back as you said at the end of October.. Your thoughts on AVB? 😀

  • by Josef Fritzl

    i hope dawson will stay and get more playtime and not leave in january ;/ i love him 😀

  • by Christoffer Karlsson

    For only 5 mil for a player worth 20mil+. Thats is an robbery. Good spirit Adebayor!

  • by yidvids2

    I think he needs a bit of time, I wasn’t overly impressed that we got rid of Harry if I am honest, and worried that AVB will find it hard to live up to the high standards of early last season etc.

    In the first 2 games I have seen glimours of excellent form but also glimours of disastrous defending and miserable chance conversion. Come back to me at the end of October and I’ll give you an honest answer again. I think we can still go places this season though with a couple of decent additions 🙂

  • by Northlondonn cypp

    Hey Yidvids2 what is your opinion on avb? do you think hes good enough? please answer! 🙂

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