25 thoughts on “Adebayor 07-08 so far…..

  • by coolbruva

    the goal against newcastle was harder than the goal against spurs. closed down 2 quickly

  • by BriansTubeAccount

    Left Striker- Tevez
    Right Striker- Adebayor

    Right Mid- Wright-Phillips
    Right Center Mid- de Jong
    Left Center Mid- Barry
    Left Mid- Robinho

    RB- Richards
    RCB- Dunne
    LCB- Toure
    LB- Bridge

    Robinoh would play a very attacking role on the left to cut to the right and dribble/shot etc
    Garry / de jong will make the balance by playing more center
    Thats my prediction? Whats yours?

  • by Rubbart

    Best combination: Xavi and Adebayor. Xavi with his perfect long high balls to the chest of Adebayor …

  • by tomwalker07

    the goal against Spurs is the best. Because it was against Spurs. There’s no bad goals against Spurs.

  • by RandomVideos1994

    we should have won that season last season because we had hleb , flamini , walcott , eduardo , fabregas , adebayor at his best , sendero , rosicky and many more good players that have lefted the team or have a really long term injury like walcott , rosicky and fabregas , we will not win this season premier league but next season 09/10 he might have a good chance with arshavin , eduardo and fabergas , many more good players coming back from injury arsenal i support you all of the way COME ON !!!

  • by mex755

    the newc 1 was the betr 1 cos he was closed dwn n tuk it on his chest, just the 1 agenst spurs luks betr

  • by Bazmob33

    The half-volleys against the Spuds at WHL and Newcastle at St. James’ were his best.

  • by YounGunners

    He is not slow, it seems like it, because of his size 🙂
    He is no walcott, for sure. But cant call him slow.

  • by AddisonDN

    He seems to have a good touch and be reasonably strong for how lanky he is, but he seems to be a little slow. Is this true?

  • by wwfcbrad

    i no arsenal fans are gna slaughter me but yes hes a good player but realy all he has done id had 1 good season. if he does it again this season and next season then fair enough

  • by Leviskatyboard

    I’m Australian, and i can say the Dutch are better than us at football. But we’re not bad.

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